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Time as a suspended breath :

At the heart of Karma by TPLH, the meticulous artistry of Swiss watchmaking intertwines with the eternal essence of time, birthing collections that are both timeless and distinctly modern.

Our creations don't merely adorn; they become heirlooms, whispered stories from one generation to another.

Your journey with us is deeply personal. Offer up a cherished piece from your collection, one that perhaps no longer resonates with your present, and let us re-imagine its story. By weaving a fragment of your past into our artistry, you breathe life into a creation that's uniquely yours.

Together, we transcend the ordinary. You bring your memories, held in metal and stone, and we, with reverence and craft, transform them into contemporary masterpieces, grounding them firmly in today's moment, yet echoing ancient wisdom and timeless alchemy.

Ra bracelet, 18 carat gold chain with a unique moon claps, so easy to put on.

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Gold: The Legacy Continues

In the silent heartbeats of ancient wisdom and the methodical cadence of Swiss clocks, a magical alchemy unfolds at Karma by TPLH.

Our jewels are not mere ornaments; they are the meeting point of timeless alchemical traditions and the precision of modern watchmaking.

Each creation is a bridge between epochs, a fusion of the mystical and the tangible.

The age-old secrets of alchemy, with its promises of transformation and enlightenment, interweave with the intricate gears of timepieces in our designs. Like an alchemist turning base metal into gold, we reclaim forgotten jewellery, breathing into them a new essence, melding past memories with contemporary visions.

As you step into our universe, you're not merely choosing a piece of jewelry; you're embarking on a philosophical journey. A journey where the elemental truths of air, earth, fire, and water converge with the mechanical marvels of horology. Where ancient tales of transformation dance with the relentless march of time.

With Karma by TPLH, you become a part of this dance, this alchemical ritual. Your stories, combined with our craftsmanship, result in jewels that aren't just worn but experienced, felt, and cherished.


Dive into our world, where the magic of alchemy and the precision of timekeeping create an enchanting symphony, inviting you to be a part of its timeless tale.

Beautiful moon necklace, with sapphire tear and diamond wheel.


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