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Laure Gaury, Designer and Maker of the Karma by TPLH Jewellery Brand.

In every intricate detail of Karma by TPLH jewellery, Laure Gaury's unwavering passion for unique beauty and genuine aesthetic vision comes to life.

Since embarking on her artistic journey in 2010 with her brand T'AS PAS L'HEURE, Laure has fervently delved into the marriage of watchmaking materials and jewelry. This dedication to timepiece alchemy has illuminated her work, earning her the honor of showcasing her masterpieces in prestigious venues, from the ambassador's residence in Moscow to the Yamaso gallery in Kyoto. Furthermore, in 2016, Laure's vision culminated with the inauguration of a boutique nestled in the heart of Geneva.

In 2023 Karma by TPLH was born, taking the essence of a lifetime work into an other level. Every creation Laure crafts is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, seamlessly blending technical prowess with an unique artistic touch.


These pieces don't just adorn; they tell tales of time in its myriad facets.

Laure's creations are more than just jewels; they're poetic time capsules, each holding stories, memories, and emotions, waiting to be inherited and cherished by future generations. Every piece resonates with a depth that invites reflection, embodying not just the essence of time but also the spirit of legacy.

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